English Grammar Guide for ESL

NOUNS (e.g.: thing, dog, love, table, woman, man, etc.)

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Give the plural for the noun:

One book, two
One woman, two .
One family, two .
One child, two

Fill in the blank:

A five race (mile or miles).

Translate the following into your first language and check with a dictionary (answers are supplied for Spanish and French). Be sure to include the first word as well:

a book
a house
my homework
a screen
a computer
a clock
my thoughts
the time
a year
the people
a way
a day
a man
a thing
a woman
a life
a child
the world
a school
un state
a family
a student
a group
a country
a problem
a hand
a part
a place
a case
a week
a company
a system
a program
a question
the work
the government
a number
a night
the point
the home
the water
a room
the mother
an area
the money
a story
a fact
a month
a right
a study
a book
an eye
a job
a word
a business
an issue
a side
a kind
a head
a house
a service
a friend
a father
the power
an hour
a game
a line
the end
a member
the law
a car
a city
a community
a name
the president
a team
a minute
an idea
a kid
the body
the information
the back
a parent
a face
the others
a level
the office
a door
the health
a person
the art
the war
a party
a result
a change
the morning
la reason
the research
a girl
a guy
a moment
the teacher
the force
an education

In this section: Description, Questions, Exercises

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