English Grammar Guide for ESL



Oveview of English Numbers

We use numbers to count and indicate how many nouns are being described. The main challenges in writing numbers involve the forms, the use of hyphens and where and where not to add -s.

Cardinal Numbers

Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Write numbers less than 10 with letters, e.g.: one, two, three
  • Hyphenate compound numbers between 20 and 99, e.g.: twenty-one, ninety-nine.
  • Large numbers are preceded by a or a number, e.g.: One hundred, two thousand, a million.

  • When writing larger digits, use a comma, e.g.: 1,000,000
  • Write numbers less than 10 with letters (e.g.: one, two, etc.)

Ordinal numbers

Ordinal numbers allow us to establish an order or rank, e.g.: "first", "second", "third" (premier, deuxième, troisième). The main ordinals in French are:

Ordinal Numbers (1-10)
first 1st
second 2nd
third 3rd
fourth 4th
fifth 5th
sixth 6th
seventh 7th
eighth 8th
ninth 9th
tenth 10th


  • In dates, use an ordinal number, e.g.: September 2nd.


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