English Grammar Guide for ESL


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Choose the right word:

Your actions will my business (affect or effect).
It's illegal to take drugs (elicit or illicit).
If you don't eat your veggies, you can't have (desert or dessert).
The word 'but' is usually preceded by a (coma or comma).
Do you know pen this is? (whose or who's).
You should take a deep (breath or breathe).
Do you have (anymore or any more) questions?
The change will have no (affect or effect) on the results.
That's the best (advice or advise) I've ever heard.
The medication could have an (adverse or averse) effect.
The report is (do, dew or due) tomorrow.
We should (accept or except) the things we cannot change.
I think (you're or your) ride has arrived.
I don't know (were, wear or where) I left my keys.
She said the box was (to, two or too) big.
I hope (there, their or they're) going to have fun.
It (seams or seems) that your (seems or seams) have split.
The store has everything on (sale or sail).
The tire is going to (role or roll) into the ditch.
We have decided to with the purchase (proceed or precede).
I think this (maybe or may be) your best idea yet!
I really do not like it when you (loose or lose) so much money.
She her children do whatever they want (let's or lets).
Her friend (led or lead) her down the aisle.
I think (its or it's) time for a change.
I can't (hear or here) what you are saying.

In this section: Description, Exercises

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