English Grammar Guide for ESL

Possessive Pronouns


An Overview of Possessive Pronouns:

Using Possessive Pronouns

Possessive pronouns are used in place of nouns to show that the noun belongs to someone, e.g.: This suitcase is mine. Note also that possessive pronouns are NEVER followed directly by a noun; they stand on their own and are NOT the same as possessive determiners that occur before a noun.

The different forms a possessive pronoun can take are presented in the following table:

Possessor English
first sg. "mine"
second sg. "yours"
third sg. "his", "hers", "its", "yours"
first pl. "ours"
second pl. "yours"
third pl. "theirs", "yours"

Tricky Stuff

  • Don't use a determiner before a possessive pronoun (e.g.: This is mine and NOT This is the mine).
  • Don't use a noun after a possessive determiner (e.g.: This is ours and NOT This is ours book).

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