English Grammar Guide for ESL

Reflexive Pronouns



Reflexive pronouns are object pronouns that refer to a previously mentioned person or thing. In some cases, a reflexive pronoun can be added for emphasis, e.g.: I will do it myself.


English reflexive pronouns include: myself, yourself, herself, himself, oneself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves. Note that the form theirselves is considered non-standard.

* Write reflexive pronouns as one word (e.g.: myself and NOT my self)

* Do not use a reflexive pronoun after a subject pronoun (I, myself ...)

*Do not use a reflexive after a subject pronoun followed by and (e.g: Clare and I will oversee the procedure and NOT Clare and myself will oversee the procedure)

* Do not write themself or (this needs to be plural, i.e.: themselves)

* Do not write hisself

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